Story Maps – Let your product explain itself

Street MapIn most companies you find Product Backlogs prioritized by business value, as Scrum told us to do for several years. Since July 2011 the Scrum Guide softened this requirement, speaking of backlogs “often ordered by value, risk, priority, and necessity”. Either way you face the problem to have to split complex funtionalities into smaller ones and put them in a one-dimensional list. User Stories belonging to a certain Epic are usually not organized as a block but are interrupted by other Stories belonging to other Epics. Did you ever try to give your stakeholders the big picture just with your product backlog at hand? Or even just gave them the Product Backlog to read? No way. Some time ago Jeff Patton took care of this problem and came up with the idea of Story Maps. They offer the chance to show the whole product in a comprehensive way and make it much more easily explainable and discussable. With this article I would like to introduce the concept of Story Maps to you.

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