Who’s in? – The Sprint Calendar

Recently I worked with some Scrumteams consisting partly of students, meaning they weren’t available every day of the Sprint, depending on their class schedule. So far during Sprint Planning I asked each team member for their availability during the Sprint (including vacations etc.) and the team based their commitment on this information. But when the Sprint started I noticed some uncertainty about missing team members within the team, e.g. when it came to the Daily Scrum. “Is Eric coming in today?” “Hmm, I’m not sure, isn’t he in class today?” “No, on Wednesday he’s usually in the office, but he might have mumbled something about exam preparation yesterday. Anyway, at least Mel should be around, right?” “No, Mel, took a day off spontaneously” “Damn, I didn’t know, I need her for a code review”. Continue reading “Who’s in? – The Sprint Calendar”

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