Sprint Zero – Fasten your seatbelt

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If you start a new project with a customer you often need to organize the project environment by yourself. At least you have to make sure it fits your needs. Especially in Scrum projects you don’t want to waste time dealing with organizational stuff but start implementing nice features starting with the first sprint. Nevertheless I’m often surprised how badly prepared some teams get sent on the road and into their first sprint. It’s so easy to give your team a good start – just have a Sprint Zero before your first sprint and get all the organizational stuff from your plate. You avoid the usual problems like having no access to development servers, a developer who wants another screen, chairs that hurt your back and so on. Of course there’s no general Sprint Zero for all companies and projects, but perhaps the following example from my daily work provides an insight into what can be achieved. Continue reading “Sprint Zero – Fasten your seatbelt”