What’s your agile binky?

The german version of this post can be found here.
Last friday I found myself in a situation which triggered some interesting inspirations and thoughts, which I would like to share with you. When I leave home in the morning to go to work I need to get to the train station by bike, bus or car before I take the train to Hamburg. This weekend I wanted to participate at the Agile Coach Camp Germany 2011. Since I was supposed to work for half a day and then head to the Central Station to catch a train I opted for the bus in the morning. The bus stop is about 400m from my house and I can nearly see it as soon as I leave. I was quite surprised when I left the house and saw a bus pass, since it was still 2 minutes to go. I hurried to the bus station, hoping it had been the schoolbus being a few minutes late, but when I arrived there I realized that it had indeed been the bus I was supposed to reach. I got quite angry, planning to complain about the driver, and started to search my pockets for my cell phone to check the time again. Grooming through my pockets I found a binky from my two and a half year old daughter and suddenly my anger calmed down.

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